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The Forensic Genealogists has been established to assist the legal profession in Ireland, the UK and globally to trace beneficiaries across the globe.


As a legal practitioner or probate solicitor, you may have estates, shareholdings, bank accounts where your files have not yet been closed. This may happen for any number of reasons but very often it is because a living next-of-kin or heir has not been found.

In our experience in dealing with older, cold cases, we have usually be able to resolve complex cases and identify living beneficiaries in a timely manner. 

You may have cases where beneficiaries have been located but, for one reason or another, you have been unable to contact them.  We are able to work with existing information and continue the research in order to trace and, where required, to contact beneficiaries on your behalf.


In other cases, you may have confirmed the identities of all the beneficiaries but, during the course of transmission or distribution of the estate (which may take from months to two or three years) one or more of the beneficiaries may have died. This may involve additional time in tracing their heirs before the estate can be distributed and the files closed.  We are able to do this on your behalf allowing you to concentrate on your own workload.


We are happy to discuss any missing beneficiary scenarios with you and will bring our expertise and experience to bear, along with our network of overseas resources,  to resolve these cases for you. 

Reviewing the Laws
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