Wendy Farr, of the Forensic Genealogists, contacted me as a result of a request made to find a deceased friend’s family; the deceased had died without a will. Wendy is very authentic when she makes contact, and we determined I was related to the deceased as a first cousin once removed. The fact that my deceased cousin was last living in Northern Ireland and I was living in the United States posed no problem for Wendy. I then enlisted her to help fill out more of the family tree in question. It turns out there are 14 of us. Due to the effort Wendy put in, I was formally approved by the Crown to administer the estate of my deceased cousin. And as an added bonus, through Wendy’s contacts, she was able to put me in touch with a solicitor in Northern Ireland to help me as we move forward settling the estate. I recommend Wendy, no matter what country you live in, and I would definitely utilize her skills and abilities in the future. She is professional, thorough, patient, kind and so very good at her job!

Lynda E. - Palo Alto, California, USA

"I thought you might be interested to hear that after a lengthy court process we were successful in gaining a succession certificate for James Parker's remaining estate, that being the shares and dividends from his investments in India all that time ago. I received and sold the shares in March this year. It has been a hugely emotional journey for me, not least finding out so much about my Mum's side of the family of which I knew very little. I feel incredibly lucky and pinch myself every day. 


Thank you so, so much for finding me and for your part in helping to transform my life and that of my family's. Its the stuff of books and films, but it actually happened and I can't thank you enough."

Dilys M. - England

"Wendy Farr is an amazing person - Hard-working, tenacious and with that persistent determination that ensures a result. When I needed a Geneologist for a personal matter, it was a lucky day for me that it was Wendy that I contacted!  She showed me great compassion and respect throughout and I received regular updates as to how things were going. Due to her untiring work ethic, I was never in doubt that a successful conclusion would be achieved."

Bernie C. - Cork, Ireland