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You may be reading this because you have been contacted by a member of our team. We understand that your first reaction may be one of disbelief and believing it a hoax or a scam. Please do not be concerned.  It is most likely that  our client has instructed us to trace the heirs and living beneficiaries to the estate of the deceased.  The unclaimed estate could be located anywhere in the world and, quite possibly, in India where those serving in the military and working in India pre 1947/8 may have invested in hitherto unclaimed shareholdings.


If we have emailed or telephoned you, it is possible that you are the beneficiary of the estate of a deceased friend, relative or distant cousin, of whose existence you may not have been aware.  We will explain our research to you and show you the family tree we have created as well as the associated documentation to prove your connection to the deceased.


The transmission process of the shares and the estate may seem daunting at first.  At no cost to you, you will be guided by our team throughout the entire process.  We are available seven days a week to talk you through the process to give you total peace of mind.


If you have any doubts at all, please raise them with us.  We are completely transparent in our business and our aim is to give you reassurance, accurate information and clarity.

Heir Meeting
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